Tamariki Services

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First things first, if what you need is URGENTget that sorted first.

(*If it is an emergency Call 111)

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Our Tamariki, Our Future

Te Pā Harakeke – our tamariki are like the rito of the harakeke (flax) who must be gently cared for, to grow strong and support the future of whānau, hapū and iwi.

The strength of Te Pā Harakeke (several flax bushes linked together at the roots) reminds us that if our pēpē, our tamariki, our babies and children are embraced by love and support within whanau that our communities will grow strong, resilient and unified.

Key Services

Our providers offer a range of services to help and support tamariki, these are the services they provide:

  • Full GP/Doctor Services
  • Immunisations
  • Help with Asthma
  • Rheumatic Fever
  • Health Checks for Tamariki
  • Well Child Checks


Helping Whānau reach their Goals

Whānau Ora is about figuring out what your goals are and getting the support of trained paearahi (support navigators) to work out how to make a plan and achieve those goals.

We can give you easy to use tools to help you reach your goals. The above image is one tool which we use (PATH – Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope).

I need to find a doctor for my child

The providers listed at the bottom of the page can help you, they have doctors, nurses and support staff who can help you directly.

What SERVICES are available for my child?

Our providers offer a range of services to help your children, click here to search what is available from our providers.

Which PROVIDERS can help?

The following providers can help you with caring for your pēpē (baby), your tamariki (child). They offer services that can help you and your whānau.

I don't know where to begin, but I need help...

Get in touch, any way you can, either call one of the Providers in our Collective or contact us and we can work out how best to help you.

How can I get in touch with a Provider?

Please call them directly and they will help you (links to their contact details are at the bottom of each page).

I need to find a doctor for my child

Finding a GP/Doctor for your baby is important. Two of our providers offer GP services at low cost for those with Community Services Cards. Have a look at Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Pikiao or Korowai Aroha, both can assist. You will need to enrol with one and then can set up an appointment to see a GP. Maketu Health & Social Services also provide Health Checks for tamariki.

My child is sick, can they still get immunised?

As long as your tamariki don’t have a fever and if they just have a cough or sniffles, they may still be able to be immunised. Check with your doctor or nurse.

What is Rheumatic Fever and is my baby at risk?

Rheumatic Fever is a serious disease. It can start with a ‘sore throat’.

Untreated, a sore throat could progress to permanent heart damage. Sore Throats Matter, so always get your tamariki checked by your doctor or nurse.

My baby is sick what do I do?

You know your baby best.  If it is during the week you can make an appointment to see your doctor.  If it is after-hours, Rotorua’s Lakes Prime Medical Centre have free visits for under-6s (till 9pm) or if it is late you can call Healthline FREE on 0800 611 116 and talk to a nurse who will recommend what you can do.

If you think your baby needs to be seen straight away, get them checked by your doctor or nurse.


The following providers can help you care for your babies and tamariki.