Pakeke Services

Dream it. Plan it. Do it. Te Arawa Whānau Ora is about allowing yourself to dream, making a plan and getting support to achieve your goals.


First things first, if what you need is  URGENT get that sorted first.

(*And, if it is an emergency Call 111)

Start NOW on your Whānau Plan

Taking this step will help you reach your goals and dreams.

Create a Whanau Plan

Our Pakeke, Our Future

Te Pā Harakeke – our pakeke are like the leaves of the harakeke (flax) they have grown strong with the support of whānau and and can go on to support whānau, hapū and iwi.

The strength of Te Pā Harakeke (several flax bushes linked together at the roots) reminds us that if our pakeke, those that care for our young ones, must also be embraced by the love and support within the whānau.

We do this so that our communities will grow strong, resilient and unified.

Key Services

Our Providers offer a range of services to help and support pakeke, these are some of the services they provide:

  • Full GP/Doctor Services
  • Health & Fitness Programmes
  • Training & Employment Readiness
  • Budgeting Advice
Helping Whānau reach their Goals

PATH = Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

We can work together using easy to use tools that’ll help you reach your goals and plan for the future that you want.

Our whānau now have a new sense of “calm” in just a word they are ‘happier”. While we know there is still much more mahi to be done, we also know that they have the power to transform our own lives and the lives of their children and moko.

Where can I get budgeting help?

Maatua Whangai can help with this. They can help work out a budgeting plan that fits you and your whānau as well as give you ideas on how to get out of prepare a household budget and take steps to get out of debt.

We have a Kete that has great ideas and ways to get on track:

Who can help?

The following Providers can help you learning to make a plan, and develop steps that allow you to achieve your goals.

They can assist you by directing you to programmes that allow you to take control of your health and well-being, from fitness to wairua. They can support you to better understand with your finances and learn how to make a budget.

They have trained career consultants who can help you navigate from writing a CV to how to make a good impression at your interview.

Contact our Project Office or get in touch with any of the following Providers:

How do I get my Drivers License

We have a great Kete filled with issues around driving tests, road roles and tools to help you study.


The following providers offer support and assistance to Pakeke (adults).