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Please look through the services below to see the current Whānau Ora programmes and services available that are offered by the Te Arawa Whānau Ora Collective to anyone wishing to for this support.

Who can Access these Services

These programmes and services can be used by anyone, Māori, Pākehā, Pacific, Asian and anyone else who lives in the Te Arawa region. You are all welcome!

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Asthma Nurse Outreach serviceSpecialist asthma nursing serviceKorowai Aroha Health Service
Aukati Kai Paipa-Smoking Cessation ServiceThis service will provide you, and your whanau, with support, advice and strategies to quit smoking, face-to-face.Korowai Aroha Health Service
Awhi MaiSupport for at-risk youthTe Waiariki Purea
Cancer Support ServicesTransport, advice and support for whanau and patients undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care Aroha Mai Cancer Services
Diabetes Assessment and Heart ReviewCommunity screening of people with diabetes and heart problemsKorowai Aroha Health Service
Diabetes ReviewDiabetic case managementKorowai Aroha Health Service
Education and TrainingA 47-week forestry silviculture training programme aimed at employment placement or tertiary studyTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Free ParkingYouth activities and leadership programmes in RotoruaTe Waiariki Purea
GP Service Full GP ServiceTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
GP ServicesFull GP serviceKorowai Aroha Health Service
Holiday ProgrammesRecreational and respite care for youthTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Home Based Support ServicesHome based care and supportKorowai Aroha Health Service
Kaupapa Maori Early InterventionCommunity health services including nursing care, immunisation awareness, smoke free support, family violence prevention, kaumatua care and recreational programmes, health promotion, nutrition and physical exercise Te Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Kaupapa Maori Early Intervention TeamHealth Checks for all Kohanga Reo children - Health Promotion at Maori eventsKorowai Aroha Health Service
Kia Piki Te OraA national suicide prevention campaign aimed at reducing Maori suicide and self-harmTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Mental Health Children & Young People Community Services (Murupara)Supporting children and their whãnau on the mental health needs of youthTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
MentoringProviding mentors for youth in RotoruaMaatua Whangai
Te Papa Takaro
Te Waiariki Purea
Mirimiri/Romiromi - Traditional Mãori TherapyTraditional Maori health therapies such as spiritual healing, mirimiri and romiromiKorowai Aroha Health Service
Te Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Mobile Maori NurseDiabetes and heart disease managementKorowai Aroha Health Service
Outdoor EducationOutdoor education for all schools in Waiariki and Waikato areaTe Waiariki Purea
Pacific Islands Mobile Nursing and Health Promotion serviceProvides community health and nursing care primarily for Pacific peoplesTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Primary Mental HealthMental health services for individuals with counselling and psychological supportTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Public Health NurseKura Kaupapa School Public Health NurseKorowai Aroha Health Service
Rheumatic Fever School Screening ProgrammeThroat swabbing of children in schoolsKorowai Aroha Health Service
Rotorua Safer FamiliesA collaborative services approach tackling family violenceTe Waiariki Purea
Social ServicesSupport for individuals and/or whanau with children based on a goals oriented plan allowing them to take charge of their lives and also providing counseling to address and support clients in crisisMaatua Whangai
Te Papa Takaro
Te Waiariki Purea
Strengthening FamiliesCase management, coordination and facilitation for whanauTe Waiariki Purea
Te Ao Auahatanga - Wrap Around whãnau SupportPilot Whanau Ora programme supporting whanau to achieve positive outcomesTe Runanga o Ngati Pikiao
Te Arawa JourneyA personal journey for youth learning about the heritage of Te ArawaTe Papa Takaro
Tu Mai Family ViolenceWorking with whanau affected by violenceTe Waiariki Purea
Youth Development ProgrammeDeveloping programmes to support court referred youth e.g. supervised campsMaatua Whangai
Te Waiariki Purea
Youth ServicesYouth in Rotorua, Murupara, Taupo and TokoroaTe Waiariki Purea