Te Roopu a Iwi o Te Arawa – Maatua Whangai

Maatua Whangai

Te Rōpu a Iwi o Te Arawa Charitable Trust (Maatua Whangai)

Te Rōpu a Iwi o Te Arawa Charitable Trust was specifically established in 1988 and mandated by eight Iwi to provide the Mātua-Whāngai care and protection programme social services.

Maatua Whangai also operates a Private Training Establishment, which provides the National Certificate for Iwi Māori Social Services and is registered under the New Zealand Federation Budget Service to deliver budget services.

Maatua Whangai is a kaupapa Māori organisation whose Board of Trustees are nominated from within the eight iwi o Te Arawa. They deliver Marae-based social services with an office established at Taharangi Marae, Pukaki St. and Hinemoa Towers.

Te Kaupapa o Te Rōpu a Iwi o Te Arawa are to:

  • To provide holistic educational, social and health opportunities of the highest quality.
  • To provide an environment conducive to Kaupapa Māori that meets the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the learner.
  • To support the needs and aspirations of all cultures.
  • To be a good employer and encourage staff to develop personally and professionally to their fullest potential.

The organisation provides a full range of social, justice and welfare services to whanau hapū and Iwi and networks with other community organisations, schools and individuals and Government agencies.


  • Iwi Social Services
  • Counselling
  • Social Work Support
  • Social Work in Schools
  • Stopping Violence programmes
  • Budgetting Advice
  • Care and Protection and Youth Justice Services
  • Marae  Rangatahi Court services
  • JV. District court and Youth Court –  Forensic Assessments
  • Youth cultural programmes
  • Youth Services – non justice
  • Marae Projects