Live your Dream

Te Arawa Whānau Ora encourages whanau to determine and achieve their goals for current and future generations.

How can Whānau Ora help you?

Te Arawa Whānau Ora will work with you to support you in creating a plan for your whānau, whatever it is, we can work with you to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

As a result of being committed to my Whānau Ora plan, I have now attended a seven-week family violence course and completed it. I have started a course to get my learner license for free. We have a budget adviser and we have brought all our debt together, looking at ways to get rid of our debt and we are learning how we got there in the first place. I am also enrolled to attend a seven-week budget course with my eldest daughter – so she can learn too – and we are speaking about my debt with the finance company so I can repay and clear my name. I have met some really awesome agencies out in our community who have provided awesome support to my whanau.

My actionable steps have been to – between now and Christmas – meet with a budget advisor, attend a family violence prevention course to help me create a better family environment, get my learner license so I don’t get pulled up any more, and attend a seven-week budget course with a whānau member so we are both learning together.