Te Pā Harakeke

Te Pā Harakeke
Whānau Centred Service Approach


Whānau – Family

We see harakeke, the flax bush, as being very much like a family, the rito, or shoots of the harakeke are the mokopuna, the babies who must be cared for in order to keep whānau, hapū and iwi strong.

As Te Arawa Whānau Ora Providers the idea of Te Pā Harakeke (several flax bushes linked together at the roots) gives us a useful and tika way to understand how whānau are linked. Connected to each other, from the very youngest to our very oldest.

Te Pā Harakeke values mokopuna (the young, our children) and they are embraced within whānau, hapū and iwi and reminding us that we must care for our babies so that they grow, strong, resilient and unified.