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Sisterhood supporting young mums

A new programme is providing a fun, safe and supportive environment for young and expectant mothers.

Sisterhood is a coffee group that meet each week.  The gathering is run by Youth Services – Te Waiariki Purea Trust, and is aimed at young mamas aged 16 to 22, the programme helps develop and maintain a healthy sense of who they are and what kind of mum they would like to be.

“We believe that women do well when they are connected to other strong and positive women, and in this respect we are developing a sense of “sisterhood”, Youth Service Youth Coach, Susuan Gera says.

“By coming together weekly, young mama can have the opportunity to talk, laugh, share experiences and do something for themselves.”

Susan says along the way, they will open up kōrero that aims to get the mums reflecting and learning more about who they are and what makes them tick.

This is the educational component which will look at things like healthy attachment and mental wellbeing. The goal here is to ensure young mums are getting emotional and peer support and opportunities to develop their way of thinking because a great way to make sure our babies are ok is to make sure their mums are okay.”

Despite the educational component, the plan was to keep things fun and relaxed.

“We also aim to provide guidance around nutrition and cooking, exchange days where mums can bring what they no longer use for baby to pass onto another mama and pepi, and ideas and tips around self care,” Susan says.

  • Sisterhood meets at Kuirau House
  • 1371 Pukuatua St every Wednesday, 10am to 11.30am
  • Transport is available for any mums who may need it
  • For more information, call Susan on (07) 348 5051

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