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Tricky tips for healthier chips


Healthy Families Rotorua connected local Rotorua businesses and organisations with the Chip Group, who train operators with techniques and tips for cooking deep fried food particularly fried chips.

Te Arawa Fisheries Ltd provided the location for this training to occur and extended the opportunity to their staff who cook deep fried food on a daily basis to participate.

Paearahi from Te Arawa Whānau Ora, who are kitchen workers on local Marae, were also in attendance at the training. While the kiwi favourite has had a bad rep, improved cooking and preparation practices can help to minimise the overall impact that is often associated with bad health.

Manager for Healthy Families Rotorua, Mapihi Raharuhi says, “we know people aren’t just going to stop eating fish and chips, so opportunities to improve practices and the nutritional value are still great steps in the right direction.”

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