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High schools connecting with Ki o Rahi


Rangatahi will be reconnecting with their culture and having fun with a weekly Ki o Rahi module organised by Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa.

This year, the Te Arawa Ki o Rahi Challenge will involve local high schools so they can develop their skill and knowledge of the game. It will run from Monday, November 6 to December 11.

Kaiamo Kaupapa Canaan Tuhura says there are many benefits for rangatahi being involved.

“Ki o Rahi envelops more than just physical, social and mental development, it also creates a connection with our culture, language and land whilst giving participants the opportunity to realise their potential and experience positive behavioural change through self-regulation and self-governance,” Canaan says.

Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa  are committed to delivering physical activity based programmes and events for rangatahi to enjoy themselves, meet other Te Arawa rangatahi, learn about physical activity, nutrition and also learn about how they, rangatahi can apply whakapapa and mātauranga Te Arawa to better theirs and their whānau’s lives.

Te Arawa Ki o Rahi Challenge Module Details:

  • Time:             4:30pm
  • When:           Every Monday Starting Monday 6th Nov
  • Where:          Karenga Park, KOUTU
  • Cost:             NO registration fee

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