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Te Arawa Whānau Ora: Finding your purpose, finding your passion

Sometimes the journey to independence is a long and difficult road to travel, other times all it takes is the right plan and a bit of determination.

This was the case for Karanga, 24, who was living in the Te Arawa rohe, she knew she wanted to move out of her home and be fully self-sufficient but getting there wasn’t so easy.

“Moving out of home and becoming independent was an important goal, but for some reason it wasn’t happening. On top of that I always wanted a job where I could help young people make the right choices”, explains Karanga.

Karanga, who recently passed her diploma in Sports and Leadership, wanted to use her passion for sports and her love of helping others to find a job that would fulfill her and allow her to make a difference to her community.

Having a plan was important but Karanaga needed guidance and some expert advice. Luckily a colleague at work recommended she get in touch with Te Rūananga o Ngāti Pikiao, a member of the Te Arawa Whānau Ora Collective.

Together Karanga and her Paearahi, worked on her plan, which focused on her strengths, her weaknesses, her dreams and her aspirations. Importantly, they worked on a step by step plan to make those dreams a reality.

By creating a detailed map of where she was and where she wanted to be, the steps she needed to take became clear.

My plan helped me realise how important my goals are and how I can work towards achieving them, it’s amazing what the right kind of support can do.”

As a result of her plan Karanga has moved out of home and now has a place of her own.  She is working with young people as a netball coach at a well-respected sports academy and is also as a youth worker.

I feel getting these two jobs have been my biggest achievement so far because it’s something I have always wanted to do.  This plan has helped me realise that I’m able to take on the world!”

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