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Te Arawa Whānau Ora Stats show keen interest and positive outcomes

Te Arawa Whanau Ora continues to move from strength to strength.  Most recently the milestone of supporting over 1000 whānau members was achieved and statistics over the last year show continued need and interest in Whānau Ora.

There continues to be a steady increase in referrals overtime.

As the community continues to become aware of the support that TAWO provides there is no doubt the growth in numbers will continue.

Key goals continue to be achieved with the highest gains in health, education and employment. This is followed by finance and housing goals.

Other outcomes, not currently evident will emerge over time as each whānau becomes more confident and sees that their small steps can lead on transformation

The ultimate goal is for whānau to move from working with their Paearahi to self-managing their own plans and acheiving their own self-determined goals and aspirations.

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