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Celebrating an Innovative Whānau Ora Reporting and Evaluation tool


In 2010, WERA Aotearoa Charitable Trust (WACT) partnered with FIXE Solutions to look into developing a Whānau Ora evaluation and reporting tool that could meet the evolving needs of those working in the area of Whānau Ora.

“Having worked in the sector for a number of years, we understood intimately the needs of those involved in compiling key information about families involved in Whānau Ora. As a result, we wanted to streamline reporting from commission to collective and from provider to navigator” explains General Manager of WACT, Israel Hawkins.

“The most important aspect of developing our tool was the need to apply a holistic model of whānau development though an IT system, which was no easy feat. However, working with FIXE Solutions who themselves have extensive experience in computer programming and IT design meant we could transform the way we recorded, administered and managed multiple contacts across both our IT system and the database we had developed.

“For us it was about ensuring that Whānau Ora reporting for both navigators and whānau was easy to do. Giving 3rd party access was also a key consideration in the development of this innovative tool because it means that the wider community who also contribute to the whanau plan are involved not only in the Whānau Ora planning but in the reporting and evaluation of their plan”, adds Israel with enthusiasm.

“The system has evolved as the needs of our clients have evolved and we continue to provide updates and enhancements to the system. The wonderful thing about our database is that can manage multiple contracts for one individual or a whanau as a whole who have multiple 3rd party community agencies supporting them all co-ordinated into one IT system, its an absolute virtual collective. This is why we call it a system that can manage multiple contracts with multiple providers for multiple clients. It’s an incredible space to be in and we look forward to future developments”.

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