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Korowai Aroha – supporting Truckies into Better Health


ACC, in collaboration with the NZ Police CVIU Unit and Korowai Aroha held a Truck education stop at the Te Ngae Weighbridge station on the 5th of May 2014.

Previously, the focus has been on educating Drivers on managing fatigue, seatbelt compliance and Driver distraction. ACC is now concentrating its priorities on health risk factors that can impact on a Truck Driver’s ability to drive safely. This year community based registered nurses from Korowai Aroha focused on health promotion that included weight, blood pressure and blood sugar checks.

The checks were carried out by three qualified Community nurses, and over a six hour period 45 Drivers underwent health checks and also received one on one nutritional and dietary advice. For Drivers not opting for the health checks, ACC staff provided advice on “management of fatigue” and  “Driving to the conditions”.

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