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Whānau Survey Results: How well do Paearahi support Whānau?


The role of the Whānau Ora Paearahi, Te Arawa based trained support navigators, is to provide guidance and direction to whānau as they work through their goals, discuss key challenges and work towards achieving dreams they never thought possible.

Understanding this role is important to understanding how Paearahi can help shape and enhance the experiences of whānau working through their Whānau Ora plans.

Whānau who are working through their plans are regularly asked to share how they feel the Paearahi they have worked with have responded to their needs. The Te Arawa Whānau Ora Collective would like to share some key results which were taken between July and December 2013.


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  1. Aneta Morgan

    Some of my whānau are going through crisis right now. There are a lot of issues they are dealing with including sexual abuse. The young women affected are going through counselling after going through a court case where the offender was jailed for 8 years. But it has highlighted many other issues that have not been dealt with – some of them generational. I see that Papatakaro is offering path planning and the parents of these kids think it might be a good idea to consider this. However the facilitator is a young man and there are some sensitive issues that will come out in the process that perhaps the girls might find hard to talk about with a young man. So I wonder if there are other path facilitators that might be more appropriate for this whānau.

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