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Iwi gathers to celebrate Pikiao Ahurei 2013

Whānau bonds were strengthened and hapū relationships rekindled as thousands converged onto the grounds of Opatia, Taheke to once again celebrate being descendants of Ngāti Pikiao.

The Pikiao Ahurei brought together seven hapū-based kapa haka rōpu, three tamariki teams and a Seniors team proudly representing Ngāti Hinerangi, Hinekiri respectively.  The tent was fully packed from the very first performance through until the last.  Rōpu were asked to include the Pokeka and to sing Kei Runga, both being Ngāti Pikiao classics.

Whānau were encouraged to share and celebrate stories from their hapū and marae with the gathered crowd.  Whānau came from all over the motu to attend, to sing along, to cheer and to shed tears of pride and joy.

The winners were Ngā Pumanawa, Hinekura and Ngāti Hinerangi-Hinekiri but at the end of the day, all those who came to share the ihi, the wehi were winners.


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  1. madison

    cool ahurei

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