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Maatua Whangai caring for whānau in need


Te Roopu a Iwi o Te Arawa Charitable Trust (Maatua Whangai) was founded in 1988 and mandated by eight Iwi to provide care and protection services for whānau in the Te Arawa Region. The kaupapa of Maatua Whangai is to encourage and support self-determination leading to educational, social, health and economic growth.

Te Roopu a Iwi o Te Arawa helped to establish Te Arawa Rangatahi Court in 2011. Two years later it has become a benchmark for success with an Auckland based Pacific Island provider seeking to implement their own system based on the Maatua Whangai model.

Maatua Whangai not only provides care and support for young people and their whānau, they also operate a Private Training Establishment, which provides the National Certificate for Iwi Māori Social Services and is registered under the New Zealand Federation Budget Service to deliver budget services, a service that they have found to be critical to helping whānau through increasingly tough financial times.

“We provide a kaupapa Māori way of doing things, that acknowledges our own traditions and understandings and have found that working with whānau from this place leads to incredibly successful outcomes for our families”, says General Manager, Penny Mitchell.

As a kaupapa Māori organisation whose Board of Trustees are nominated from within the eight iwi o Te Arawa. Maatua Whangai deliver Marae-based social services with an office established at Taharangi Marae, Pukaki St. and Hinemoa Towers. The organisation provides a full range of social, justice and welfare services to whānau, hapū and iwi and networks with other community organisations, schools and individuals and Government agencies.

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